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Who We Are

Who We Are

FAME is an interstate, community-level voluntary organization working to ensure social justice for African Americans. The organization reaches out to every community in the nation through its regional as well as local offices.

Given below are the details of what we are doing now as well as what we plan to do in the future.

What’s Our Mission?

To ensure social justice for African Americans through the political, educational, criminal, as well as economic equality of all citizens with financial education.

How Do We Act?

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers as well as sisters of mine, you did for me.

About Our Organization

FAME works to affirm the lives of all African American matter through educational, political, as well as economic equality by giving adequate financial education.

With the help of the support from millions, the organization manages to bring forth resources for wiping out social injustices faced by the minorities and empower local communities to reach out to the ones suffering the injustice at the hands of the others. We have strong as well as conscious black life activists to create awareness.

FAME establishes long term goals, general monitor organization, as well as allocates resources. We have volunteers working for us from different fields.

FAME has as 24/7 helpline that anyone to reach out to us. Our organization is structured to fight for the justice of African Americans on all fronts.

Meet Our Leaders

Our executive leaders are the base of our organization. We aim to save black lives and give them the justice they deserve.

Meet our executives who are work to help African Americans to enjoy equal status as well as put an end to their suffering.

Your Donations Help Us Reach Greater Heights

We make sure that every penny you donate is spent wisely. Your donations help us save black lives.

Volunteers: The Backbone of FAME

As the grassroots force, we depend on the strength of our dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers create policy as well as develop strategies to ensure equal status for blacks. It is our volunteers who organize special events mediatizing black lives matter. Our volunteers, along with our staff members, drive every part of FAME’s mission.

We have diverse volunteering opportunities warrantying people all communities to take part in saving lives as well as ensuring social and economic justice for all.

How Do We Help African Americans?

· Here we are, activists, congregating incessant partners to create awareness.

· We make breakthrough research with our game-changing approaches.

· Here we, develop communities to fight against injustices meted out to black lives.

· We provide directions to African Americans by educating them politically, financially, as well as socially.

Preserving Social Justice in Every Front

Our volunteers conduct researches to discover how the community and people at large can take steps to reduce the social and economic gap that exists. We believe everyone should have equal opportunity as well as get the life that they deserve. FAME looks forward to working more to reduce the black and other people of the community.

We take what we conclude from our research as well as put them into action. We have helped in saving several lives within this short period.

FAME aims to save lives and lead the fight for black lives throughout the world. We are grateful to people who invest in our mission as well as help us to ensure equality. FAME works to initiate and sustain real change by addressing systematic racism at every level and impact anywhere it exists.

We believe we need to go beyond and do more than what we are doing right, now.