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What We Do

What We Do

FAME is currently working to affirm the lives of African Americans, including those who have been marginalized. Here we make sure that blacks don’t have to bump into man-made obstacles to reach their goals. We have made it our mission to make sure that blacks get the same opportunities in life.

We are much more than our volunteering and research programs. We aim to promote equal status to prevent social discrimination against blacks. FAME has contrived life-saving policies that offer everything, starting from recent information on people who have been negatively affected by the injustice to emotional support.

1. We Take Action for Injustice against Blacks, Right Now

We have enthusiastic activists working for us who recommend bringing in real change as well as stopping police brutality.

We support racial justice every day. FAME ensures fair treatment to everyone irrespective of their color as well as equitable opportunities for all. We have the information; resources, support anyone needs to fight injustice, and understand how equality works.

2. Helping the Blacks with Education

We believe education is an integral part of the change we seek. Our volunteers seek to educate everyone. To safeguard justice, people should be telling the truth to them rather than shying away from it.

Education helps connect people as well as helps in making this world a different place. We offer resources and materials for African Americans to educate them about the social aspects. This helps them set goals and stay motivated to fight for their status in society.

At our organization, we plan to elevate blacks in every respect.

We believe that the best way to bring blacks to the forefront is to secure economic self-reliance, civil rights, as well as power.

3. Offering Support 24/7

We are working 24 hours and seven days a week to African Americans in their battle to mitigate equality gaps. Anyone who experiences discrimination and need some help, we are here. Our volunteers support these communities every step of the way. We offer services, programs, as well as resources to help you achieve parity.

Our top priority is to provide you with up-to-date as well as accurate information on ‘Black Lives Matter.’ You will get a pool of information on our site or call us on our helpline to get the required assistance.

We always show up for racial justice.

4. Offering Community Programs

FAME offers programs as well as services for helping several African Americans who are struggling to achieve social or economic parity in the country. Apart from offering information, we also offer emotional support. What’s best, our help comes free of cost.

Our volunteers ensure you get day-to-day support. We know our mission to help African Americans achieve the highest economic self-reliance, social parity, as well as civil rights is a challenge. Still, we plan to empower them through job training, education, community development, entrepreneurship, health, and housing.

5. We Work To Make a Difference

FAME empowers communities as well as changes lives.

FAME’s mission is to save black lives, celebrate black lives, and lead the fight for a nation and world without discrimination. Our staff, as well as volunteers, work to make fighting for equality out top priority.

As a country, America is still to achieve racial equality. We continue with our effort to make changes for blacks and ensure all have equal rights. As people of color, blacks have to face innumerable challenges. It makes them skeptical that the country will ever make changes requiring blacks to attain equal rights.

But, FAME is confident with the outcomes with the progress. We are confident we can achieve better results against this disease called ‘inequality.’ Starting from discoveries to nipping the cause in the bud, we will do everything to save more lives and ascertain a better future for all.