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Participate To Save A Life

FAME is a non-governmental organization that seeks to ensure social justice for African Americans. Currently, there are a lot of injustices meted on people of color. For this reason, we need volunteers to help ensure social justice by promoting educational, political, criminal, and economic equality.

Our volunteers help to sensitize to the public the need to ensure social justice for all. We help to preach against racial discrimination as well as social injustice. However, currently, owing to COVID-19, our 24/7 helpline is not available.

Currently, we need volunteer coordinators and sensitizers. Their primary role is to educate the public on the need to promote social justice for African Americans. All human beings are equal regardless of their race, gender, age, nationality, and sexual orientation.

Discrimination against a section of people on the grounds of race is condemnable. Together, we can help uproot, the roots of racism. Together, we can help silence bigotry!

Look Out For Available Volunteer Opportunities

1. Flexible Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer from home? There are plenty of virtual volunteer opportunities for you. You can offer a wide range of services, such as creating anti-racism materials such as social media posts and billboards.

We also need volunteers to offer high-quality sensitization to the public. There are various online avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to mention but a few that you can reach the audience. Your central role is to educate the public on the need for social justice for all.

We also need volunteer advocates to help African Americans to know their rights. Help us educate African Americans on their fundamental rights and freedom. We need volunteers to help encourage African Americans to speak up when social injustices are meted on them.

Help us enlighten them on how to use the legal channels to seek social justice. Together we can overcome racism.

At the moment, we need volunteer coordinators as well as volunteer advocates.

2. Road To Social Justice

Voice Out Any Racist Experiences

We need volunteers to help Africa Americans know how to handle racist experiences. The trained volunteers ought to educate African Americans on the right way to handle racism. Racism has been in existence for a while; now, we need a strategic and peaceful approach to break free from it.

The volunteers should not fear to share any racist experiences they’ve undergone. Help the public know how you handled the stressful experience. Additionally, offer sound advice on how to deal with cocky and intolerant racist without resorting to violence.

The good news is we offer face-to-face meetings with anti-racism volunteer experts. Alternatively, you can contact FAME to get a qualified anti-racism volunteer expert.

Currently, we need more volunteer coordinators and volunteer anti-racism experts.


We have country-wide volunteer opportunities available for you.

Volunteer Dedication

Every volunteer must commit to their task. However, the good news is that this job respects your schedule. Therefore, let us know what time best suits your schedule. If your plan is too tight, you’re free to consider a virtual volunteer opportunity. Kindly ensure that you provide a summary to help us identify the best volunteer opportunity for you.

Recommended Volunteer Training

A volunteer requires training to ensure that they provide high-quality social justice advocacy for all African Americans. We offer all the necessary basic training to all new volunteers, at no charges.

Guaranteed Benefits

Volunteer coordinators and volunteer advocates offer face-to-face services to clients. We help African Americans to know their fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution. We aid them in identifying the right way to handle any given social injustice. Whether it’s an educational injustice, economic, criminal, or political, we must speak up.

The unfortunate reality is that most African Americans goes behind bars unfairly, owing to a mistaken identity situation. Some of them are breadwinners hence jailing them causes, untold suffering of the entire family. Thus, our volunteers, helps such families find the best way to resolves such disputes. We help alleviate human pain that stems from social injustices. All these social injustices meted on people of color are unjustifiable.

Therefore our esteemed volunteers feel the joy that comes with helping a fellow human being. Nothing is more, fulfilling than giving hope to another human being.

Volunteer Positions Available

We need volunteer counselors as well as volunteer advocates


Volunteer counselors will help counsel distressed African Americans. Sometimes we have families of African Americans who have passed on owing to racial discrimination such as police brutality. Therefore we need volunteers to offer sound and relevant counseling services to everyone who seeks our help.

On the other hand, volunteer advocates will offer legal advice on the right way to fight social injustices. In some cases, the advocate may provide legal services to any offended African American. Additionally, they may work hand-in-hand will the relevant government body to come up with laws that helps fight social injustices meted against people of color.


Volunteer counselors ought to have primary education related to counseling, such as a degree in counseling. However, the good news is that we train them on how to handle distressed people. Therefore primary education is enough to help offer the much-needed counseling services.

Volunteer advocates ought to have at least a degree in law. Their primary responsibility is to offer sound legal advice.

3. Slaying The Dragon Of Racism

Help Us Realize The Dream Of A Racism-Free U.S.

Anyone is free to join our slaying the dragon of racism, movement. The movement aims at reaching as many people to sensitive to the negative impact of racism. Additionally, we also take time to appreciate other heroes who have openly preached against racial discrimination.

That’s not all; we also educate African Americans on how to deal with blatant racial, social injustices. We also take time to create billboards, social media posts, and blogs to inform the entire public on the immense benefits of racial equality.


At the moment, they are country-wide volunteer opportunities available.


When it comes to fighting against racial discrimination, time is of great essence. For this reason, we desire to have committed volunteers. Remember that racism knows no time nor boundaries. Our organizers will schedule events once they thoroughly review your volunteer application.

Appropriate Training

Volunteers require some training to know how to handle clients. The most basic form of training, is communication skills. Remember the sensitization involves persuading the public to live right. You need to convince people to take action when they witness any social injustice meted on a person of color.

Therefore, we usually take the first few days to train the volunteers on essential communication techniques. We want this fight against racial discrimination to have a positive impact.


All human beings are equal regardless of their race, gender, or age. If we don’t condemn racial discrimination, it will degenerate to total social injustices. For this reason, we all have a responsibility to speak up against any form of discrimination.

Thus, our volunteers have a vision for FAME as an NGO. They all, dream of a day when racial discrimination will be a thing of the past. We have multiple races residing in the U.S.; hence we all have a responsibility to ensure they all live productive lives.

4. Raising Money For FAME Events

Help FAME Raise Funds To Heighten The Fight Against Racism

As mentioned before, we hold different events to educate the public on the need for racial equality. For this reason, we may have to hire event organizers who work hand in hand with volunteer organizers. Additionally, we also create reading materials such as videos, billboards to mention but just a few.

The reality is that all this demands some cash. However, since we are a non-governmental organization, we don’t have any means of generating revenue as an organization. That explains why we hold fundraisers regularly to keep the fight going.


Help Popularize Our Organization

We aim at reaching at least 500,000 Americans monthly. Therefore, we need more and more volunteers to help popularize the organization. Our social media volunteers work their hats off to make FAME more popular. We aim at reaching more and more people, not just African Americans alone.

Remember that racial discrimination is not a respecter of any race. Therefore those daredevils meting brutality on people of color can easily do it to the majority. At the moment, we’re popularizing FAME in Washington, D.C. We aim to reach at least 1.5 million people in under 60 days.


Currently, we have social media volunteer opportunities available. Anyone from whichever state can apply to volunteer.


Presently, we have long-term volunteer opportunities available for you. However, we also have short-term volunteer event organizers chances possible

Appropriate Training

FAME provides training to both short as well as long-term volunteers.


As mentioned before, FAME is a non-governmental organization that aims to eradicate racial discrimination. For this reason, our volunteers do not stand to benefit financially from the services, they offer. However, the reality is that the world is suitable for everyone when everybody is treated right.

Nothing is more sickening than criminal inequality, educational inequality to mention but just a few. Currently, races such as African Americans and Asian Americans are the worst affected by racism. However, the effects of racism affect all races equally. Therefore please volunteer to help America regain its lost glory. When America flourishes, you flourish as well!

Volunteer Vacancies And Duties

As already hinted, we’re searching for more volunteers for different positions. At the moment, we need social media volunteers, volunteer event organizers, and volunteer advocates. Most of

the people who call us need counseling as well as legal services. Therefore, currently, we urgently need professional volunteer lawyers to help our clients.

The primary responsibility of a volunteer social media person, is to educate the public. We need more people to understand the harm that racism causes. Additionally, we also need volunteer counselors, to help some of our clients. We’ve had hundreds of heart-broken people of color reaching out for help after tragically losing a family member owing to police brutality.

We also expect lawyers to work together to propose race-friendly policies, such as the criminalization of racial discrimination. The more we criminalize brutality against any race, we’ll slowly encourage social justice for all.

Additional Qualifications

All volunteers ought to have at least an active Skype account. Currently, we’re offering our service virtually to clients in need. Additionally, a volunteer counselor should have at least a bachelor’s degree in counseling, to qualify for the position. Similarly, a volunteer advocate ought to have a bachelor’s degree in law. Remember that you’ll be representing oppressed minority groups in court.

5. Community Volunteer Training

Get Enough Training To Be Effective In Spreading, Anti-Racism Messages To The Public

We, as FAME, have a clear objective of achieving a racist-free society for all. However, for that to happen, we must have formidable ‘foot-soldiers,’ to spearhead the struggle. Our volunteers are our representatives and hence must be at their best at all times.

The best way to ensure efficiency is to train all new volunteers. The training takes between a week, to two weeks. However, the good news is that the training does necessarily have to be face-to-face. We equally offer virtual training, especially during this challenging era of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As mentioned above, we offer both face-to-face training as well as virtual volunteer training.

Volunteer’s Dedication

We expect maximum dedication from all our potential volunteers. Remember that FAME has a reputation to protect. We expect all the volunteers to participate in the volunteer training fully.

Currently, we both short-term volunteer chances on offer. We also have multiple long-term volunteer opportunities available for you.


All new volunteers require basic training to ensure they’re efficient. The training varies depending on the volunteer position. For example, a social media volunteer can get trained online. Our trainers are highly warm and friendly. Trust me; you’ll love the training you’ll get from us.


The unfortunate reality is that none of our volunteers, benefits financially from participation. However, the good news is that we help boost your resume. Imagine the communication skills you’ll get from talking to distressed clients. Not to mention that we also recommend you for professional job positions. We can’t watch our volunteer tarmac, yet we can recommend for a lucrative formal job opportunity.

Additional Requirements

A social media influencer, ought to have active social media platforms. An active blog is an added advantage for anyone who wishes to volunteer as a social media influencer. An advocate also to have impeccable interpersonal skills.

6. FAME’s Helpline Sessions

As we mentioned before, FAME has a helpline platform for all. Anyone in distress can contact us for counseling services or sound legal advice. We have a very strong team of customer care available for you. The good news is that we discriminate against anyone on whatever basis.

Our customer care team comprises of different kinds of volunteers. We have volunteer counselors, volunteers advocate as well as a few volunteer medics. Therefore you can reach us for immediate and visible assistance.

The good news is that our helpline is usually open throughout. However, at the moment, the helpline is not available owing to COVID-19. However, we hope to resume once this pandemic is over. We don’t want to put our esteemed volunteers in harm’s way, that’s why we’re unreachable at the moment.

Black Lives Matter-All Lives Matter

Our helpline platform aims at reinforcing the fact that black lives matter. We use this platform to help out any distressed people, especially African Americans. Different people call us with different kinds of social injustices reports.

Our main goal is to ensure that such people get justice. Additionally, we also help to counsel them to help them overcome the painful racist experiences.


Anyone within the U.S. can reach us for virtual assistance.


Our support team is highly committed to helping any customer. We understand the urgency of the issues that our customers report to us. That explains why the helpline is open 24/7 for you.

Necessary Training

Volunteer customer care agents must receive training. We train them on how to deal with our clients. Remember that you’re dealing with vulnerable and distressed people. Therefore you not only need to be warm and caring but also have impeccable listening skills.

Additionally, we direct the customer to the right volunteer. For example, if a caller needs counseling, we direct to a suitable volunteer counselor. This strategy helps to ensure that you get the right form of assistance.


Nothing is more fulfilling than serving humankind faithfully. The main benefit of the helpline session is that you help out fellow people. You give them hope, and a reason to remain hopeful during difficult times. Remember that most of these people are usually suicidal and melancholic.

Therefore you benefit greatly as your assistance helps to save people’s lives. However, we must note that FAME does not pay our volunteers. Interestingly, the volunteers get a rare chance to horn their skills. For example, volunteer counselors get a chance to boost their skills. How fulfilling is that?

Volunteer Chances And Duties

As we already hinted, our helpline platform offers a wide range of services. We handle customers with different variety of needs. For this reason, we need experts to better assist all our clients. Currently, we need volunteer medics, volunteer advocates, as well as volunteer psychologists.

Psychologists offer much-needed counseling to vulnerable clients. On the other hand, volunteer medics offer relevant medical advice. For example, we’ve had victims of police brutality reach out to use. Our volunteer experts come in handy in offering reasonable medical guidance.

Additional Requirements

All our volunteers must have impeccable communication skills. Remember that most of us clients, needs constant encouragement and reassurance that they’ll overcome. Our volunteer counselors especially need to have exceptional listening skills. Not to mention that they must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

7. Community Interaction Programs

Reach To The Grassroots

The community interaction program aims at gathering public opinion. We try to reach out to the public with a view of promoting social justice. We get complaints and suggestions from the public, with a view of acting upon them.

Our volunteer engages different members of the public, physically or online. Sometimes we try to reach, out to community leaders to learn social injustices facing people of color.


The community interaction program takes place across the country. Our volunteers mainly gather facts from the public from different regions.

Volunteer Commitment

Our volunteers are highly committed to engaging the public. Both online volunteers, as well as those that work physically participate fully. Our volunteer social media experts take between 5- 8 hours of working online.

However, we also have some who work part-time. The good news is that even those, participate in the community interaction programs.

Necessary Training

Our community interaction programs volunteers undergo training. We take close to a week to train them on how to engage the public. Our main focus is usually to horn their communication skills. These skills help the volunteers approach as many members of the public for information gathering. We train them on how to handle different unexpected scenarios as well as different personality types of people.


FAME leverages on community interaction programs to gather facts. We aim at documenting social injustices meted on the public. We focus on different races, genders to better the accuracy of the information we gather.

Additionally, we also gather ingenious suggestions from people. In the past, we’ve gathered incredibly witty and useful suggestions from people. For example, we’ve had people’s suggestions on the laws to pass to guarantee social justice to everybody.

Our volunteers get a chance to put to work the training. Not to mention that the programs help to better their interpersonal skills.

Volunteer Opportunities And Duties

Community interaction programs aim at gathering public opinions. For this reason, we need more volunteers to cover more regions. The main responsibility of the volunteers is to pen down any meaningful suggestions or tips they get. Currently, we need more social media volunteers, as well as volunteer video editors. We usually use material such as posters and gadgets to bring the public’s attention to this program.

Crucial Requirements

Volunteers must have attained the age of eighteen years and above. Additional volunteers, social media volunteers ought to have huge social media influence.

Social justice for all races is achievable. However, my input as well as yours. Don’t just sit by and witness racism soar. Let’s join hands and slay this merciless dragon together!