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Maintain a Budget  

Maintain a Budget  

Budgeting refers to creating a plan about how to spend your money in a specific timeframe. The plan that you come up with is called a budget. This plan allows you to know in advance about your financial stability; that you will have enough money in your hand or not. It shows if you will be able to manage things you want and need to do or not. 

If you already know you don’t have enough money in your hands, even then budgeting is a great idea. This plan will allow you to prioritize your spending, cut on unnecessary expenses, and focus on getting things that are on priority for you.   

Budgets are like creating a third eye view on your financial habits and helps in assessing the goals which you think will lead you to a better life. So, if you ask why do we need to maintain a budget, then I will have to ask a counter-question to answer this, and that would be – “Have you planned a trip or prepared a shopping list?” 

If you have done any of those two, then it will be safe for me to assume that you pretty much know what it takes to start planning a financially healthy life. 

Budget works on similar grounds but on a different scale. Budgets help in balancing your expenses against income. If you don’t focus on this balancing and spend without thinking, you might end up with financial problems.  

Many people don’t have a slight idea that they spend more than they earn. This gradually puts them into debt, which becomes a huge burden as time passes.  

If you want to have financial security for yourself and your family, budgeting is the best solution. However, if you are still not convinced, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why everyone should be involved in budgeting. 

A Budget Helps In 

1.       Setting a Defined/ Quantifiable Set Of Goals 

A budget helps you to set long-term goals for yourself and work on achieving them. If you simply spend your life without any goals or aim while spending your money on every tiny, pretty, object that catches your attention, how will you ever be able to save money to buy expensive things?  

For instance, if you want to buy a luxury car, or want to go for a trip to Europe, or buy your dream home and pay for its down payment, how will you do this? All this can be done if you save money and utilize them when it’s the right time. 

A budget permits you to be set up with your objectives, set aside cash, monitor your advancement, and understand your fantasies. At this time, YES, it might hurt you when you realize there’s an exclusive jacket collection in your favorite brand’s store, and that doesn’t fit into your budget. But when you think about your goals like you’re saving to buy a house or go for a vacation, it will be easier for you to turn your head and walk away from things that are catching your attention.  

2.      With Proper Execution, It Helps to Assess or Track Your Spending a Habit (Financial Journal is what is like to call) 

Budgeting allows you to have a look at your poor spending habits. You might realize that you’re wasting your money on things you don’t need. Do you need to buy new dresses every week? Do you need 20 pairs of shoes? Budgeting will make you rethink about the same and will prompt you to focus on your goals.  

3.        Being Prepared During Crisis 

Life is unpredictable. It is full of circumstances that are good and bad. The times when you’re sick, injured, suffer a divorce, or death in your family can lead you to serious financial problems.  

These emergencies can strip off all the cash available with you. So, your budget should always include an emergency fund containing at least 4-5 months of your salary to ensure you can tackle a crisis in the future. 

And Most Importantly, You Will Sleep Better 

Having a budget will help you to sleep peacefully. While people who do not plan usually lose sleep over financial issues and worry about paying the bills. Budgeting your money wisely will give back control of your life in your hands, and you’ll never lose sleep over the cash crisis.