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Problems Faced African Americans In Job Sector

Problems Faced African Americans In Job Sector

Among the various kinds of discrimination faced by African Americans, jobless discrimination is another area where the community faces a lot of challenges. While the US has been witnessing falling unemployment rates, the African American community’s unemployment rate has seen meager changes.

In this article, we will discuss the various problems our African American friends face in securing jobs and related aspects.

Fewer job opportunities: Compared to the other communities, many employers still do not prefer to employ African Americans despite their qualifications. This racial bias has its roots in the age-old belief that color determines superiority. Various surveys have been conducted to see if there has been any improvement in the rate of hiring African Americans. They have testified that African Americans do apply for jobs with the requisite skills and qualifications but do not get adequate callbacks from employers.

Occupational segregation: The few African Americans get the opportunity to get jobs to face their own set of problems. The most common problem that this group faces is getting discriminatory pays. Blacks are often paid lesser as compared to whites.

Even when it comes to facilities, fewer benefits and perks are offered to the Black community. Being a part of the minority group, the oppressed community cannot raise its voice against such injustice being caused to them.

Unstable jobs: It may interest you to know that during crises when organizations resort to firing people, the overall unemployment rate rises but shoots up in the African American community. The reason for the same is that this race has always taken the bullet when it comes to choosing between inclusion and exclusion. This difference is treatment is yet another reason why the African American community is still struggling to get to a strong financial position.

Unequal career opportunities: While discussing the reasons for the higher unemployment rate within the African American community, one also has to consider that the community faces a lot of resistance and racial bias even in the sphere of educational opportunities. While the right to education has been declared a fundamental right by all nations, blacks still find it difficult to get admissions in reputed colleges and universities. It leaves them with restricted growth opportunities as a result of which most of them are unable to develop the required skill set needed to compete with the other communities.

Strict policies should be drafted by the Government to fix the racial discrimination prevalent across nations, and stricter implementation of the same should be initiated. More job opportunities should be made available to the African American community through reservations and quotas so that a more progressive avenue is available.