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Webster University Helps Low Income & Black Students

Webster University Helps Low Income & Black Students

While it is non-negotiable that education is the only way by which can cause social and economic advancement of minority communities, various colleges have been relentlessly working towards putting out the word. One such example is Webster University.

According to a recent report, the non-profit organization St. Louis Graduates named Webster University as one of five Universities in Missouri, and Southern Illinois has enrolled a huge number of low-income students and African American students. The university has been doing this to provide educational opportunities to all kinds of students with minimal debt.

Further, the report also states that among the top five colleges, Webster University has been able to secure the highest percentage of Black undergraduate students, the highest graduation rate for Black students, and the highest rate for Black Pell recipients.

Apart from the above, the report also provides a series of recommendations that would help all communities to have access to education with less debt. Some of the recommendations include following a more streamlined approach for imparting education that ultimately improves the financial literacy of low-income groups and black Americans.

Despite the above, the number of African Americans based out of the US who are availing the opportunities or rather having access to such educational opportunities are not very exciting. A study conducted in the year 2017 states that while 22% of Black attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, 37% of White adults attained this same benchmark, a gap of 15 percentage points.

Initiatives undertaken by institutions like Webster University and some others are appreciated. Such initiatives enlighten more private and public institutions to join the collective mission of achieving the larger goal of economic and social empowerment of the not-so-privileged communities.