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Fire Output Program

Fire Output Program

FAME aims at assembling a workforce that can help to make a difference in society. That is why it is constantly in search of people who are willing and have the mindset to contribute their efforts towards helping the rights of the underprivileged.

Through its Fellows, Interns and Residents and Executives (FIRE) program, FAME allows individuals to become a part of the FAME team and put a collective effort in bringing serious reforms. The program helps an individual to grow mentally as well as professionally in the field of oppression of human rights. You can represent FAME as an advocate and offer legal advice on the right way to fight social injustices. Additionally, the FIRE program may also provide an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the government bodies to formulate laws to overcome the social injustices caused to communities based on colour. Apart from the above, there are various other opportunities that FAME’s FIRE program may offer.

One can get easily associated with FAME’s FIRE program in the following relevant methods:

1. Fellows

The FAME Fellowship program is a challenging yet volunteered method for the youth to get involved; with us more productively. This program puts up real-life duties as well as tasks for those associated with giving them a taste; of the oppressed people from the African American communities.

As a part of the fellowship, you can help in organising programs and initiatives particularly aimed at uplifting the financial and social position of the underrepresented. You can also be an advocate to help African Americans to know their rights and be their voice before the relevant regulatory bodies. Our fellows are extremely motivated and determined to bring revolutionary reforms in the age-old redundant practices that carry on till date.

2. Interns

The NGO FAME hires interns throughout the year, as well as the interns hired, are not subjected to receive any means of payment. Whether in the form of accommodation, remuneration, or food, the internship program’s sole motive is to train the interns into inheriting productive skills for their personal development and the fulfilment of FAME’s objective. All interns receive a participation certificate at the end of the internship program.

With the guidance of our helpful and learned pioneers and executives, the internship program shapes interns and helps them in having a greater meaning in life. It also helps in identifying potential leaders who possess the capability of driving growth projects in future.

3. Residents

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, FAME has resorted to adjourning its Lodging operations. It is in response to the lack of existing safety measures and instead of the protection of residing patients, staff, and volunteers; worldwide. So, the NGO has decided to transform its Lodging operations into temporary shelters for health workers, and COVID

affected patients to prevent the virus’s exposure among their family members as well as relatives.

The FAME’s redirected temporary shelters can prove to be a new ray of hope for affected families as well as health workers far from home.

What Is FAME’s Revised Lodging?

Each of the FAME’s temporary shelters stationed serves all the health workers, residents, and COVID affected patients; in need of treatment. The shelters provide a home-like environment for everyone offering private rooms, substantial treatment, as well as a means to socialise with new people. Everything is free of cost. The lodging currently serves fully equipped shelters at certain locations in the United States that, apart from providing essentials; also helps to spread more awareness about the outbreak of the pandemic and also hosts social gatherings; discussing ways to improve the conditions they survive in.

But you must be the guide to our assistance; kindly refer to the eligibility criteria before registering yourself for accommodation. It will be our deepest regrets to say no if someone fails to comply with the norms. For details about the nearest Fame’s Lodging station, kindly select your location above; or you may call us at XXXXXXXX for any help.

Our heartiest welcome to all those who would like to volunteer at our shelters; to register kindly fill-up the Volunteer Form.

4. Executives

Being a part of the FAME is an achievement in itself, only because of years of whole-hearted and brave service of each of its employees or staff or executive, towards eliminating racial discrimination, lessening social, political, and economic differences and boosting the stature of those referred to as blacks. And all of these successes as well as achievements; are a result of discipline, hard work, diversity, efficient management, and everyone holding fast to a set of norms; that guide an organisation towards their goal.

Our executives help in organising most of the programs and initiatives held at FAME. Since they carry extensive knowledge on the subject of social and financial dependence of the underrepresented sections of the society, they mentor our fellows and interns. Their guidance and efforts to the NGO is extremely valuable and brings meaning to the entire objective.


If you are self-motivated and understand the need of changing the social and financial scenario of the current society keeping mind the oppression caused to certain communities, FIRE program is just for you. We look for the following qualities and skills while registering an individual to our FIRE program:

– Committed to achieving social and financial justice

– Positive attitude towards diverse cultures

– Background of leading social projects in the past

– Good academic and character records

– Ability to work as a team

– Strong analytical and decision-making skills

In terms of the educational qualification required, we follow the following criteria for registering individuals under its FIRE program:

– At least a law degree for Advocates. Their primary responsibility is to offer sound legal advice.

– Minimum graduation degree for individuals other than Advocates.

Fame’s Work Team

The organization FAME operates on respect, trust, and the urge to give. Whether for the needy or those who are part of the team, everyone receives open arms with no sense of negativity. The organisation provides its staff and employees with exciting means to encourage their mental, physical, as financial needs.