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Financing & Unbiased Management

3. Financing & Unbiased Management 

In this part, let’s discuss why it is important to consider unbiased money management. Bad money management can bring you nothing but more debts and loans. You will keep living from a paycheck to another if you don’t become unbiased when managing money. Of course, we know that uncalled emergencies arise, but that shouldn’t be a reason to become biased. In fact, if you know to manage properly, there will be funds allocated for emergencies.   

Most people have issues with managing money because they have too many bank account, an IRA, credit cards, and whatnot! When so many accounts and cards jammed into your pocket, managing the money becomes a real sport. 

But through proper steps and excellent tips, you will be able to organize your finance successfully. Like anything, managing money takes time and understanding. You must also have the commitment and patience to handle your financial situation. 

The ones who handle their finance successfully have developed financially independent lifestyles. It is an utmost focus in your life, so we’ll help you with some steps to get your money management sorted:   

Steps To Handle Your Money Successfully 

  1. Create a budget– you need to create a budget because it is a necessity. You cannot overlook it, assuming that you know what you are spending, so it is unimportant. Well, you might know what you are spending, but you must know the priority order of spending. You shouldn’t purchase an item out of desire while you have housing loans to pay off. Make sure to get rid of all the debts before you think about “unnecessary” items. To avoid such spending, you need to have a budget without fail. 


  1. Add all your debts together– in other words, consolidate what you owe. Nobody likes debts because it kills the peace of mind. The only thing that people need to sort out to manage money is debts. Your assumption would be to come out of debts to manage money. But what we are saying is to manage the money to come out of debts. First of all, you have to bring all your debts to one place to obtain the lowest interest possible. Many options let you consolidate what you own. By doing so, you will be able to pay them together instead of paying each bill. To come out of the cycle of debts, you need to stop peddling it. 


  1. Stop spending unnecessarily- even though you love coffee inexpensive coffee shops, you need to stop going there, at least, until you get your money managed. The coffee price might sound petty, but just calculate the total for a year, and you’ll not think twice to stop. We know some things like the gym can’t be avoided but calculate the total you’d spend for a gym membership. And then, check it with the debts you have. By working out at home, will you be able to reduce your debts? If yes, then, you should. Once you’ve gotten rid of debts, you will be able to hit the gym or go to cafés without worries. 


  1. Set aside for emergency– life is unpredictable, so you never know what might come your way. Therefore, it is good to be prepared. It is important to get rid of debts but not at the cost of emergencies. You need to set aside some money for emergencies even though you have to pay debts. But vow to yourself that you will not touch that money no matter. As it is set aside for emergencies, it should be used for emergencies such as losing your job, accidents, sickness, and more. 


  1. Educate yourself– nothing can help you as much as education does. If you are want to know how to manage money, you must make sure to learn about it. There are so many sources online, so you can easily update your knowledge about money management. Meanwhile, you can use apps that deal with money management but make sure that they have good reviews. Only after checking the reviews will you install the app so that you can be assured that it is a good one. 

These are the five steps to manage money, but it doesn’t have to limit here. There are more money management steps that you can find, so keep looking for them and educate yourself more.