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Racial Inequality Between White And Black Americans

Racism and inequality have been the backbone since the birth of America. History books and other archaeological studies depict the legendary quest of the forefathers of America for freedom. And fail to display their acts of dominance, brutality, and injustices by snatching away absolute freedom from the so-called ‘slaves.’ Today; even after more than 150 years of the abolishment of this inhumane practice, there not even exists one state which is free of disparities or inequalities between the Black and White Americans; in the United States.

And these discrepancies have deep roots right into the operating system of the nation. Systematic inequality is what has laid down the base of the country’s economic policies. The concentrated attention of the nation’s founders towards urban development has foregone the possibility of the eradication of racial discrimination. All these years, the nation grew towards systematic segregation of the society with the whites given the upper hand.

Instances of Discrimination in Black Neighbourhoods

Yes, you heard that right, ‘black neighbourhoods’; the ultimate result of systematic segregation. Since the very beginning, societies and neighbourhoods took place based on their race. White Americans did not permit any black with residential rights in their neighbourhood. While this was so-called for, the terms of equality and justice that the common public expected from the system; was also laid down with absolute denial.

Black neighbourhoods faced poverty, unemployment, violence, environmental hazards, and widespread diseases. Despite the dominant concentration of black culture and political power, they were deprived of all the conventional rights including standard education and even common public services. Above all this, the black Americans were all prey to offensive policies and methods of prosecution.

Unemployment, for instance, taking into account the period of The Great Depression; figures prominently varied with the White Americans at almost half the unemployment rate. When compared to the oppressed community. Though educational disparity seems to have reduced substantially over the past four decades but graduating with equality is a distant dream with a lot of scepticism.

And even if they did complete their education; colored skin students with merits were denied excellence in the fields of national security and development, such as physical science, medicine, mathematics, engineering, and statistics.

Racial Discrimination or Wealth Discrimination

Even after the eradication of racial discrimination from the land of America, there persists an eminent difference in the wealth accumulation between the two existing communities. Although the difference that existed decades ago could not be simply vanished overnight but combined and systematic efforts over the years could have made a substantial difference.

Instead, the gap widened, the white Americans grew richer while the burden upon the black Americans kept on piling up.

Thus, accumulation of wealth is a long-term concept and takes into consideration various factors such as rates of return on savings, investments, income, and inheritances. The possible explanation for the existing wealth discrepancy is that it may be a result of inequalities in the above-stated factors of wealth accumulation.

If the means to racial eradication is itself fuelled by systematic inequality; then what could be done to minimize the gap?