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A Letter To My African American Brothers And Sisters

This letter is for every individual who stands firmly against the acts of brutality and racial inequalities against our brothers and sisters of color. Racism, which assumedly must embed deep into the historical records and books of the birth of America since the eradication. But it persists to be dominating in most parts of the country. There is no doubt that in the past four decades. There has been a significant alteration in the views and ideologies of many White Americans. Which has substantially diminished the acts of oppression and segregation from society? But, freedom still seems to be a distant dream for every African American residing in the United States.

Racism, in its true sense, is toxic to society and has resulted in snapping individuals of their identity and dignity. In the name of racial backwardness, our brothers and sisters face torture, rape, and murder. With no support from the judicial system and, also face imprisoning in concentration camps taking away the leftovers of them. In short, all of this racial discrimination has prominently sought to obliterate the African American community, culture, and innocents.

And when someone attempts to stand against disparities along with substantial proof and information; all are questioned about legitimacy. We are then suppressed with excuses of being paranoid or biased with the information. You know why? Because according to them, America gave birth based on equality, justice, and freedom. But what they fail to understand is that all these morals and values exist for them and their society only.

Since the beginning, we kept our views to ourselves with no grant of freedom for expression. We did not have equal opportunities, support, and there was no one present to pay heed to our complaints or concerns. It is very natural to feel frustrated, angry, and impatient. But even after all these years have passed, we stand united and strong though tired.

Now, after having approached so far, we cannot let out anger or frustration guide our way to downfall. We need to realize how we, through our combined efforts, strength, spiritualism. And wisdom, have been able to surpass all indignities, oppression, and inhumane behavior. We truly have lived our lives with exceptional resiliency amidst widespread suffering.

And even today, we stand together as one because racial discrimination is not just a sin but a stringent evil which if not wiped off the face of Earth. It will result in dividing the human community into bits & pieces and also prevent the fabrication of an unforgiving world.

We need to bring about an absolute transformation not only into the minds and hearts of the oppressors; but for us too and the society at large. As said ‘Change is the concept of life,’ so we need to bring about that change for the good of us, our community, and the world we live in.