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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

FAME has been striving to bridge the immense gap between the White and African American Community by providing a top quality Financial Education to the latter. No society can progress without the total inclusion of every single individual living in it.

To enable equal employment opportunities for everyone is what we aim to achieve. But to make this dream a reality, we believe your help is of utmost importance. You and us together can make a much wider impact than what we can alone do. There is no better time than right now to stand with our fellow brothers and sisters of color and show our stand for equality of all. We providing the required support to the affected people is just a drop in the ocean and much more is still needed to reach the goal.

Financial education looks to educate individuals and hone their skill sets so as to enable them to take well informed and effective decisions and seek and create opportunities for themselves. This can prove to be a great way to bridge the huge financial gap between the communities. FAME does exactly that in providing opportunities for the individuals to attain financial education and make a better living for themselves and their community.

How can you partner?

There are numerous ways in which you can partner with us and help the ones in need. You can either fund our programs, provide financial aid to the students, facilitate our awareness programs , aide our campaigns and much more.

Each of these contributions holds a high potential in creating a safe society for the African American individuals to dwell in. We believe that every effort matters and all that is required for the efforts to be initiated are love, kindness and generosity. All your help and partnering is only going to be used for the betterment and emancipation of the community.

Our Vision

Our concern just as of many others is very real regarding the unequal employment opportunities for the Afro American Community and all other underrepresented communities. It is our goal rather more of a purpose to facilitate both social and financial advancement of the underrepresented communities.

FAME as an NGO is rooted to its purpose and endeavors to create awareness about these issues to as many people as possible. The issue of racial discrimination and all other evils of the society leading to the oppression and suppression of any individual need to be eradicated from the roots of their very element and in doing so we seek your kind support.

Our undaunted efforts and your extremely important support is what can help us achieve the objectives in the best manner. By extending your helping hand towards the community you set an epitome of inclusiveness and brotherhood amongst all and create a perfect example of what a society should strive to look like. A world of equality and tolerance is a dream that can surely become a reality when we stand strong together.