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The USA is the first country to make imitative to help the socially disadvantaged people or the minority group in businesses. But there whole economy and policies and laws are built on discrimination and exploitation. If we look at their legacy of slavery and the Jim Crow debacle we can understand that the discrimination faced by the minority group in the US is horrific. Years ago these discriminations were found during sanctioning of loan, providing education with all offline data but now in this technologically advanced world, these minority people are facing discrimination even online. Now their fight to survive is more difficult considering they face racial disparity online too.

· Violation of rights in the Face of Technological Change

Nowadays the colour battle for the African-American has been promoted to the online platforms as if the offline discrimination was not enough. The opportunities are being denied to the black and brown Americans by the latest technologies.

Let’s first get a gist of civil rights: these are those fundamental rights that every citizen is bound to get irrespective of their colour. The rights include, right to equality or equal opportunity or equality before the law but if we look at the situation today neither of these rights is given to those who are not white. Although the civil right movement was finished in the 1960s the minority groups are fighting for the basic rights even today.

· Algorithm Bias:

yes, the Artificial intelligence models are worst technologies that produce discriminatory results. Algorithms are data that works on a set of instruction and rules which produce results that help to make an informed decision. Now the main issue with the artificial intelligence model is that they are assembled and coded in a manner that their results are colour biased. There are many surveys and research that have proven that the mathematical calculation made by the AI provides the result that is systematically biased towards colour.

· Amazon’s recruitment:

It was recently when Amazon had to dike their recruitment tool because the results were found to be gender bias. The reason behind this glitch was the data models were fed for the

past ten years that had the majority of white people so the AI model assumed that the white people are preferred over the brown or black.

These outcomes hurt the minority group as they were now being discriminated even by the machines. Sadly, the advance technology is replicating the same social inequality that of the administration. The Algorithm bias also showed that the black and brown people were discriminated everywhere from banks to schools to job recruiters due to the technological glitch.

For years the African-American people have faced discrimination, slavery and whatnot. And in today’s technologically progressive world also they are being discriminated by the models. To prevent this discrimination further it is essential that these AI models are recoded so that they are not colour biased and the results are based only on talent and qualifications.