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Every country has loaded their constitution and human right documents with terms like justice, equality, fraternity, no discrimination based on colour, caste or creed, but the main question remains is how much does the country follow up to the certain commitment? If we speak about the treatment given to African-American or the other minor communities in the USA, projects are funding them but daily, they are the victim of discrimination and police brutality.

How will a person survive in a country? By earning through a job or starting a business, where getting a job is easy, starting a business needs assistance and if you are new to the country with no support whatsoever you turn towards the bank for some help. There’s a popular concept around the business world “small business assistance”, wherein under government policy or the bank help out the entrepreneurs to kick start their business.

Research has shown that where the banks approve 60% of loan by white American and just 29% of loans of African-American. The main issues behind the lack of success of minority communities in America are:

Ø Lack of banking relationship

Ø Extra documentation

Ø Strict scrutinisation

Ø Low access to capital

Ø Low Entrepreneurial development

When the economy crashed in 2008, the first people to shut down their businesses were the people belonging to minor communities because the economic crisis affected them way earlier than the white American. Even in the job sector the people of minor communities and African-American were laid off first, not based on performance but the sheer choice of the people in management.

Small Business Administration:

Looking at this discrimination debacle, an initiative was taken by the US government called the “small business administration”, which helped the African-Americans to achieve the American dream.

The African-American has played a crucial part in shaping the US, and many have done that through entrepreneurship.

The SBA’s have sanctioned $210 million loans for the African-American who owns a small business.

8(A) Business Development programme:

This is a program initiated by the US government to provide aid to the small business and to provide them with the exposure so that they develop and the business prospers. This particular section helps all those entrepreneurs that are from the minority community and are facing problem with running their business to get a foothold at government contracting. Until now over 100,000 entrepreneurs are trained and consulted for understanding their issues and to help them get better at what they do.

SBA has tried and helped out so many entrepreneurs who were on the verge of shutting down their businesses. Apart from the loan sanctioning, there have been laws and regulations formulated to help the underprivileged get what they deserve.

their grow loan programs include loan for:

· Express Loan

· disaster Loan

· Micro Loan

· Export Loan

The SBA has been trying to help the underprivileged and disadvantageous people with small businesses. The change cannot be brought overnight but slowly and steadily things can be changed and are being changed too.