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It was Dr Martin Luther King who said that essential requirement to get justice and equality is to re-educate the white people for their colour discrimination and ignorant behaviour. He made a point to get civil right legislation and to make the US provide the basic rights to the African-American. Sadly, even after five decades of this movement, there has not been much change, because the white people are still reluctant to get over their racial ignorance. Even today the schools are colour biased; the neighbourhood is divided into white people and other communities and let’s not get started over the wealth gap and loan sanctioning.

Apart from all these the criminal justice system of the US is the most discriminatory system of justice. The US s known for incarcerating the most number of people and the stats are filled with black people. The African-American don’t get job or education or basic equality but the highest preference is given to them in the criminal justice system as few judges presume the lack guilty before hearing them out. If we look at the statistics of 1926 the African-American admission in prison was double that of white people.

There was a research that stated that white people were often asked, “How to control the inner-city criminals and crime? And here inner-city was a codeword for black.

· Effective criminal justice policy

As of now, the US policymaking is handling the economic and social injustice through the criminal justice system and this is not the solution. To get the effective result the administration must pay attention to illiteracy, poverty and racial discrimination. Other than this the other solution is to look over the crime-control policies and to find the loopholes that are inclined towards racial disparity and eradicate those laws and bring in some race-neutral law and keep the focus on mens rea and actus reus.

The main issue with the criminal justice system is that the authorities are adamant to admit their racial bias, irrespective of what the data says. When someone is imprisoned the whole family gets affected. These biased incarcerating policies have much collateral damage:

1) Health disparity;

2) Destruction of the black family

3) Political exclusion

4) Forfeiting citizenship status

5) Human capital investment.

Ø Effective Solutions

1) Re-education:

To improve the criminal justice system, the government first need to clear all the dirt in people’ mind about the minorities by teaching them their importance. Educating white people to not be discriminatory towards the people of other colour is the only way to break these flawed perceptions that rea fed to the white American since the beginning.

2) Crime control programs:

The government should re-analyse the crime control rules and regulation and look at the laws that are racial-bias. For starting the federal government can warn the state government to not be biased towards the criminals based on colour and is they don’t follow the said government’s funding should be cut based on causing greater social harm